When living as a student in Linköping, there is one essential thing to buy – a bike. Everyone travels by bike around here! To/from university, parties, grocery shopping… you name it. It’s quite easy to get hold of a bike once here in Linköping, there are many second hand bike shops and people also put up plenty of ads on for example Facebook.

Before you get a bike though, and for those occasions when using a bike is impossible, there is a public transportation system consisting of buses. It’s no longer possible to pay by cash on them, but you can by a SMS ticket by texting a code (LV for Linköping adult, LU for Linköping youth) to 070-091 0091.

NOTE! In order to use SMS tickets you first need to register on www.smsreg.me! You can also buy a bus card at one of the retailers (for example in the office at “Linköping Resecentrum” which is the train station), and charge it with a sum of money or pay for a period of time. Having a card is usually a lot cheaper than using SMS tickets, and you can use the card on the train called Östgötapendeln.