ESN Linköping Party Committee is a committee within ESN Linköping that has as its main responsibility to plan and execute greater party events for exchange students and Swedish students at Linköping University such as the international kravall (party) Intervallen. Also smaller party related events can be arranged by Party Committee, by itself or togehter with the board and/or the Activity Committee. Party Committee works on directive of the board of ESN Linköping and has a close collaboration with the board and the Activity Committee. We strive to create amazing parties and events and are beyond excited to be a part of the exchange students year in Linköping and to meet you all. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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You reach everybody in Party Committee by emailing

Olof Schippert - Party Committee Coordinator

Sima Sarawaran - Treasurer

Kate Fahlén - Food & Purchase

Eric Schmidt - Human Resources

Deborah Traujtmann - Light, Sound & Decord

Martin Nilsson - Bar & Beverage

Simon Pettersson - External Relations

Emeli Öhrn - Public Relations