Gianluca " Peer Student Coordinator"

"The main part of my position is to match peer students with exchange students and to be the contact person for them. I also set up buddy groups so that peer students can help each other and arrange activities together. The main events I'm responsible for are the peer student kick-off at the beginning of each semester, where we play some games, either outdoor or indoor, so that the peer students and their exchange students can get to know each other.
Being part of ESN has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not just because of the gratification you get in helping other people to get on well in Linköping, but also because of the exciting and inspiring national and international ESN events I've been part of, where you get to know great people from all over Europe and learn very useful things for your life and eventually also for your career.
Having been an exchange student myself in Linköping, passing to "the other side" felt like as a natural step for me and finally I can say that this year has not been only something that I don't regret, but also something that I will never forget!"
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