Now there's time for the new semester, and a lot ot fun actvities. 
We will have trips, a lot of activities and just like the last semester, international night every second week in cooperation with HG.
We will also still have our peer student program, where you can sign up to get a peer student. This is a great oportunity to get to know
the swedish culture. 

We in ESN Linköping do also want to welcome all new students that are coming here to Linköping this semester. 
And we will do this just like last year with a Welcome Period, you can find the schedule for it here.
During the year we will also continue with lacux, the language exchange we have every thursday lunch. 
And just like last semester we will continute to have the ESN room open ever tuesday and thursday between 12:15-13:00,
where you can buy badges, ESN Cards, or just come and ask us in the board anything if you have any questions.

Besides this we will have a FAQ this year. We will update it more and more. But we will try to answer as many
questions as possible in there. We do also have our facebook groups:

  • ESN Linköping Flea Market - Where you can buy/sell stuff, look for apartments, or post some funny picture of you and a snowman
  • ESN Linköping - Our page that we will create all our events with. If you follow the events created by this page you'll not miss any event that we will have next message, do that!
  • ESN Linköping 2015/2016 - Here will we post important info about events, ticket releases and other stuff. Keep updated of this page if you want to see what's happening.


Welcome to all new students, hello again to all old students, and we hope to have a great semester! :)

//ESN Linköping