This weekend ESN Linköping had two representatives at the Annual General Meeting of the Erasmus Student Network that took place in Ankara, Turkey.

Representatives from all over Europe came together and all in all the AGM had over 600 participants, which means the biggest AGM in the history of ESN. So, you might wonder what is going on at this meeting? It has been four days of Social Activities, Networking, Elections and discussions about the future of the network. Most importantly we chose a new International Board and the election was super exciting. For you who doesn't know, the International Board works full time with ESN issues from the ESN headquarters in Brussels. We are really proud to say that the new president of ESN is our own Safi Sabuni - former president of ESN Sweden!

The weekend has been truly inspiring and motivating. We have a big beautiful network with lots of talents and opportunities! Our main goal now will be to transfer all this inspiration and motivation to you guys at home since everyone at the local level should be aware of this. We will be back with more photos and videos soon.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the AGM or ESN in general - I am happy to help!

All the best from a hotel room in Ankara,

Helena Johansson
Vice Preseident, ESN Linköping