The ESN activity committee plans and executes events for exchange students who studies at the University of Linköping. It is everything between soccer tournaments, language cafe, sports activities, Liu world cup, excursions, sauna evenings, quiz nights and creative events. The ESN activity committee works on directive of the board of the ESN Linköping. Nevertheless, the activity committee often comes up with their own ideas for event, which they plan and execute in collaboration with the board. The activity committee strives to make the exchange students time here in Linköping as fun and memorable as possible!  
We work close to the exchange students and it is often as rewarding for the students, as for the members to be a part of the ESN. As a member you are expected to participate in at least two activities per semester, to work at intervallen and to attend our meetings, which are held every second week.

If you have any suggestions for the activity committee or would like to find out more about when we recruit new members please email

Activity Committee 2016/17 Erbar, AC Vice president
Nationality: German
Studying: German and Scandinavian Linguistics and Literature

That means that it’s my obligation to have an overview about what’s going on and to fill in for the president if she is absent. As every          member of the Committee I am as well responsible to organize at least two events this semester. I like to be a member of the Activity       Committee because it gives me the opportunity to meet many new people and to invest my time in a useful way with a lot of fun.

Clara Descourvieres, AC Secretary
Nationality: French
Study : Mathematics and Computer Science

I have joined the AC of ESN Linköping for the Spring Semester 2017. As the Secretary, I have to take notes during our meetings, twice or three times per month. I also have to organize some events during the semester, always with another member of the AC. Being a member of the AC is a really good way to build new friendships and discover many things while having a lot of fun!

Francesco Cucari, AC Public Relations
Nationality: Italian
Study: Masters in Artificial Intelligence

My responsibility is to create interest for our planned activities by promoting them via social network and to increase the AC's reputation among international students. Actively joining ESN, you gain the max of your study experience and also enjoy the most in Linkoping! If you have been on exchange, you are on exchange right now in Linkoping or you have the ambition to do so in the future, you should know how much fun the international student life is. You get to know people from all over the world. When you're active in ESN, you can help those people have the time of their lives in Linkoping. A.H.Leighton, Language Cafe responsible
Nationality: American & Swedish
Study: History

Working with ESN has proven to be an invaluable experience for me. When I was assigned to help operate Language Cafe with the other sections of the LiU I wasn't too sure of the position but now I couldn't be any happier with it. The opportunity to meet with, plan, socialize and enjoy activities across all spectrums of people and events have been and continue to be invaluable to me. I came to Linkoping University on a Erasmus program from the United Kingdom not knowing ESN ever existed and now I will never forget it. Bach, AC Sports Cafe Responsible
Nationality: German
Study: Materials Science and Nanotechnology

ESN gives you so much! There are many different possibilities and experiences that ESN creates to enjoy while being an exchange student here in Sweden. Now it is my part to give something back. As a part of the Activity Committee and with a former athlete background my task lays in the Sport Events this spring period. Amongst other things there is the "Sport Café" as a cooperation with other sections as well as of course helping out with the participation in Sport events such as the LiU Loppet or general outdoor and spring (finally!) activities. This team never ceases to amaze me as we are highly motivated, creative and besides that from all over the world which plays a major role in this awesome international experience. Thank you, ESN!

Irati Icardo, Liu world cup responsible
Nationality: Spanish
Study: Masters in International and European Relations

Being part of the activity committee gives the opportunity to know new people from completely different backgrounds, acquiring experience in the event planning, share opinions about everything that has been organized and developing new ideas to create new activities. In my case, I am organizing the LiU World Cup which is going to be held in May. Thanks to this event, I am meeting new people from the different departments of the University and I am sure it is going to be fun since I am fond of football/soccer.